“When we discussed writing our full-length record, we sought out ways to translate feeling into the music. We wanted to convey emotion, rather than just a sound or a story. We wanted to put the listener in the scenery where we wrote it. We went on a three-week adventure…” – Josiah Sampson – Kids, Guitar

Kids is an eclectic four piece American Indie Rock band formed in 2012 by Guitarist Josiah Sampson, Bassist/Vocalist Joshua Diaz, Drummer Matthew Barrios and Guitarist Christian Gonzalez. Hailing from South Florida, Kids strives to deliver a dynamic musical experience. Founded on brotherhood; these four individuals unite their creative minds to bring you on a melodic adventure with hopes of finding adolesence into undiscovered worlds.

After the 2013 release of their EP, Sink or Swim, created an energetic and passionate fan base, Kids wanted to bring their fans, new and old, an inspired treat. They retreated to the mountains of Chattanooga TN and submerged themselves in nature in order to gain inspiration, so that their fans could experience a dream-like escape just by listening to their music. Eliciting emotion and feeling.