How To Turn Any Band Song Into A Ringtone

Imagine when your phone rings and everyone around just go in awe. This is the charm of a right ringtone that attracts every listener to it. If you also have a band song in mind that you want to convert as your ringtone, then you should proceed to it right away. There are easy ways about how to turn any band song into a ringtone, and we are going to tell you the easiest one. Let’s get started.

Band Song
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How To Turn Any Song Into A Ringtone

Band songs are in trend as they sound nice to your ears and consist of all the loud beats. Rock bands of different types always motivate one to try them as the ringtone. And since there are millions of band songs from old centuries to this day, you never go out of options. Let’s see how you can make any song as our ringtone-

1. Go to your phone’s Settings, and there should be an option like Sounds and Ringtones. When you tap it, a whole list of options appears on your screen, such as you can choose the ringtone for your preferred sim and the sound of the ringtone.

2. Next, when you hit the Ringtones tab, a list appears containing different ringtones, including the default ones too. There if you scroll down to the bottom, you see a + plus sign. Tap this sign, and it will take you to all the songs and albums that are already saved on your phone.

3. Choose any of the songs from the list, and it will play as your ringtone. If you are satisfied with the tune, you can confirm it to set as your ringtone, and there you have it.

So this was the most straightforward way to having a ringtone straight from your phone. Now, when you don’t have a song on your phone already, then make sure you download it beforehand.

Trimming A Song

Band Song Into A Ringtone

Trimming a song may be needed when you want a particular part of a song to be played. Because your phone’s default ringtone selector does not have the option to let you choose a particular part. 

1. So you need to download a ringtone cutter or trimmer. Once it is installed, open it and explore the menu. You can easily understand these apps as these offer simple navigation and user interface for how to turn any band song into a ringtone.

2. You should see an option to drag your choice of song in the app. Once the song is imported, you can cut the excess parts of a song and save the remaining part.

3. Now, some apps also offer cutting more than one clips of a song, and then you can combine those parts as one. This would let you be more customized with the ringtone, and your band song ringtone would feel more amazing.

4. To enhance a band song ringtone, even more, you can blend it with some kind of music, and this would give you a masterpiece as a result. So all you need to do is explore the ringtone maker apps and see which one suits you the best in terms of features.

So this is how to turn any band song into a ringtone using the phone itself or any ringtone application. You can also add your WhatsApp audios as your ringtone, just select the WhatsApp folder while importing the file to the ringtone maker. There are several ringtones app as well that offer you millions of ringtones that you can set right away without converting them. This depends on your choice and the depth of the customization you want to achieve.


3 Ways To Create Ringtones From Music Band Videos

It is a trend to have new and customized ringtones, and for the same, users always look for unique ways to get a ringtone that can captivate everyone and themselves. The music bands are so popular everywhere that many people want to try their albums and set the songs as the ringtones.

Music Band Videos

Now often, you may stumble upon a song that you like very much and set it as your ringtone. But the problem is the song is in video format, or you can’t find it in audio format anywhere. In this case, you can quickly set this video as your ringtone. Here we are going to show you 3 ways to create ringtones from music band videos. 

Create Ringtones From Music Band Videos

All are simple ways to have a ringtone from a video song; the one you choose depends on your comfort. So let’s get started-                

The First Method

The method includes the voice recorder, and the entire thing can be done by using a smartphone and a laptop or desktop. Well, you first need to have the video downloaded into your phone.

If the video is on YouTube, then you can download any video add-on for YouTube. This add-on gets activated when you play the video on Youtube and provides you a downloading link.

This is the simplest way of downloading the video from Youtube. Now, how you are going to use this video for your ringtone, we will tell you in the second method. Our first method is about using a voice recorder. You first need to play your video on the laptop and use the voice recorder on your smartphone. Record the part you want to play as your ringtone. 

You need to convert this recorded file into .MP3 format so the file can be used. There are many MP3 converts online where you can upload the file and get it downloaded into your phone. 

Once it is on your phone, go to Settings and then tap Sounds and Notifications. There, select Ringtone and scroll down all the way to bottom where you would see a plus + sign or something similar. Tap this option, and a list will open up in your screen from where you can choose the recently downloaded file, and you are done.

Create Ringtones

The Second Method

So you can download a video from YouTube using the video downloader add-on.

Once you have the video on your phone, you need to download a video converter application. You can also do this using online sites that convert video to audio. Proceed with whichever way seems suitable to you.

Once you have the audio file on your phone. You can follow the same procedure as described in method one and set it as your ringtone. This method, from the 3 ways to create ringtones from music band videos, gives you a clear tone without any distortion.

Now you may need to download an audio trimmer as well if you want a particular part of the audio as your ringtone.

Download the ringtone maker or audio trimmer app from PlayStore and upload your audio file there.

Trim the part that you want, and if you want to merge two parts into one, then there is Merge option also available in most ringtone maker app. Merge the parts and download them as one file on your phone.

The Third Method

The last one among the 3 ways to create ringtones from music band videos, is about setting the video as the ringtone itself.

So every time your phone rings, the video appears on your screen along with the audio as well. This is very simple, and you need to download a video ringtone maker for the purpose.

Open the application and upload the video or choose the random ones that the video ringtone maker app avails you.

Once you select the video, this will be converted into a video ringtone, and from the app, you can set it as your new ringtone.


Create Free Ringtones For Your Band With Audiko

There are many ways to customize your phone and make it look better. One of these ways is downloading ringtones. You can make your iPhone Pro even more interesting by having a tone of your choice. You can create free ringtones for your band with Audiko, the lightweight and easy to use application.

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With Audiko, you can have access to millions of rock band ringtones. As per your preferences, you can access different sections of the app and unlock the tone in the niches you want. Cloudiko develops the app with various default languages such as French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, English, and Dutch. 

The user interface is the noticeable thing here that lets you understand the functions easily. You can create free ringtones for your band with Audiko and share it with your friends or connections. There are plenty of options that give the user the liberty to use different tones in many ways and have a fully customized ringtone. This way, you are not going to get bored ever, if you have Audiko as your ringtone maker app.

The good news is that Audiko is free of cost that lets you create the ringtones without a subscription. Once you have downloaded the app, you can access all their ringtones and features and download the ringtones you create to your phone. Users can have a full track and cut it into a specific part they want as their new ringtone. Additionally, the already-made ringtones are there if you want to save time and grab a new ringtone instantly.

While accessing the app, one can easily notice that the app provides a premium experience in terms of navigation and overall functioning. The developers have gone a step further to let even the new users understand the app fairly well. Also, the editing functions are straightforward to use that with just a few taps; you can learn the overall app.

The app does not irritate you with any third-party ads, unlike other apps. This keeps the overall browsing clean and captivating where a user only entertains himself and does not get frustrated. The app is cloud-friendly, and so you can import the songs or tunes you wish to edit directly from the cloud storage or simply from your phone; a good deal to create free ringtones for your band with Audiko.

Other than ringtones, the app offers you lots of notification sounds and wallpapers. Using the approach, one can dig deeper and enjoy all those new notification sounds. The impressive wallpapers make a phone look more lively, so your iPhone Pro is going to have a heavenly experience with this revolutionary app. 

Like you can import from the cloud, you can also export your files to the cloud. The sound effects like “fade in” and “fade out” are there too that make a tune overall more attractive. The app is also available for Android as well in case you are looking for an innovative ringtone maker.

Audiko app


  • The app offers over 10 million ringtones
  • It allows users to create, customize, and share ringtones instantly
  • It provides high-quality tones with premium looking navigation
  • It is free of cost
  • It offers easy synchronization with iTunes


There are no cons specifically, and the app works well if you have a steady internet connection.

Final Thoughts

Create free ringtones for your band with Audiko without any obstruction and trouble understanding the app. Give your best impression whenever your phone rings and eliminate the monotony with new tones every week. Download the ringtone maker app now and experience the best in the quality app.


Free Rock Band Music Ringtones

Rock ringtones are the new charm of the industry that blends a boost of energy in the aura. Today many people look for free rock band music ringtones because they are kind of funky and include strong beats that hit the attention every time. There are all kinds of rock songs and ringtones falling into categories like heavy metal, punk, classic rock, or hardcore.

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Based on your preferences, you can explore the entire category and make your selection. Today there are countless ringtones apps available that make it possible to download any number of ringtones in any category. Not just for the android, but for iOS as well, there are apps you can consider as your ringtone agent.

So Why Having Ringtones Is Necessary?

Well, ringtones serve the basic purpose, and that is about letting you know about the incoming calls; we all know that. But these days, ringtones serve a great purpose, and that is about making you the center of attention. Every time your phone rings, it grabs many people’s attention right away, and they visualize your image as a person according to your choice of ringtone.

The right choice, such as free rock band music ringtones, can establish a good image in their mind while a wrong one can ruin it. Imagine if you are a professional, and you have a tone that would suit a college-goer, you can think about how it would impact your personality. Hence, choosing the right ringtone is essential if you want to hit those minds rightly, every time.

How Can You Tell That A Ringtone App Is Safe?

There are lots of ways of getting a ringtone or a part of the music that you like. You can use even a recorder and record the song, and then you can use this file as your ringtone’s substitute. But here we are talking about the tones apps for the free rock band music ringtones. Since apps are the most convenient way to download and have a ringtone in your phone, the security standards should never be compromised.

The easiest way to ensure you are downloading the right application is to download it via the official store such as PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iOS. This way, you can have peace of mind and explore thousands of rock music ringtones instantly.

rock band
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Finally, The Downloading Part

The best ringtone app always lets you play the tune before downloading it. By playing, you determine if this is the ringtone you want or if you want to switch to another one. Also, this keeps you from downloading any unnecessary tunes and save your internet data.

A user should always consider having a free ringtone app. Premium ones are there too in the app stores; these apps provide additional features. However, if you are someone who is starting with the ringtones, free apps also have plenty of features. Once you are satisfied with any particular app and want to explore more features, you can buy the premium version or stick to the free one; it is all a matter of preferences for free rock band music ringtones.

You can also decide between the instrumental and vocal tunes. The instrumentals only provide you the sound of rock instruments, and there would be no lyrics. A vocal would have both: the lyrics as well as the music. Again, it is a matter of your choice and the environment you live in. It also depends on your statuses, such as if you are a working professional or student. You need to keep it casual or classy accordingly, and don’t forget you can always change your ringtone whenever you want.